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March 01, 2011



I love Steven Tyler on the show and JLo is a sweetheart. I'd rather see them telling some people nicely that they can't sing than Simon telling everyone that they suck!

Amie Rolland

You know I'm not an Idol fan but I liked how you through Elvis' name in there ;)

Kathy Marrero

Wow! My life has been a waste until this moment. You have enlightened me into realizing there's more to AI and reality TV than fluff. Where can I buy your book?

Damon Anglin

I miss Simon. Really. He was the backbone, the guy who was honest. He might have been wrong some of the times, but he was honest and never held his tongue. JLo and Steven Tyler are perfect for the show, though, and I love this blog. I'm an American Idol junkie, and this season is looking to be a very good one. There's no way this show is going down the drain any time soon. Besides, the unintentional comedy scale is through the roof with Tyler. Seconding what Patrick said, great blog!

Beth Christian

Thanks, Patrick. I agree that they did let A LOT more people through to Hollywood, and that concerned me at first. Then they wound up cutting 2/3 of them almost immediately. Now, they are only allowing the Top 24 one shot at making the Top 10. It's a drastic change, but it seems to be paying off....at least for now!

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