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January 31, 2011



I've watched the show from the beginning and tune in each week to see what songs they will cover next. I actually prefer their versions to a few original songs. This show is very popular and continues to gain popularity. I don't like all of the episodes or storylines, but I enjoy being entertained by most of the performances. This is a good article, and I didn't quite realize how popular the show is until this post.

Kaamilya Salaam

I have only seen Glee a few times and I like that it gives a positive twist to some hip-hop songs...also great article!!


I am ecstatic a TV musical is such a success! With the performance of such a variety of tunes that have already been performed by pop icons, Glee has gained a massive audience. Everyone loves cover songs! Glee will definitely go down in pop culture history! This is a great article!

Crystal McCants

Awesome story! However, I have never watched Glee, so i have no clue whether I agree or disagree. But, i do know that this show has caused a big stir and made Fox a LOT of $$$.


One thing that I love about Glee is its reinvention of a lot of classic rock and even older songs, from musicals and other sources. I'm thinking about the amount of music I listened to in my teens in the 1970s, and the amount that my teenage daughters listen to, and it's not even close, I suspect. So, volume in music is an interesting concept, and Glee drives that, along with iTunes, mp3 players, and many other factors.

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