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December 07, 2010



Wow! Kiss being dissed from the Hall of Fame. That suck's. I got to keep up on my music scene.


This is as good a time as any to refer readers of this site to Everybody's Libraries, a new blog I've started about "libraries for everybody, by everybody, shared with everybody, about everything"


KISS's music is not exactly my kind of music, but I recognize the substantial impact they have had on the music industry. I can't believe they have yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are widely known and still gain publicity after nearly four decades. Maybe the Hall of Fame "experts" will wise up soon and induct them into it.


It is odd that the band has been excluded from the hall of fame seeing has how they have completely changed how many artists put on concerts. But at the same time, I'm sure its great to be able to say, yea we're not in there and its because we're too much of an influence that people decide against us. How is it possible for a band such as KISS to not be liked by at least 50 percent of the deciding committee?


I just vomited a little in my mouth when I read over some of the "rock" groups who have been inducted in the R & R HOF. It is an absolute joke that Kiss has not been inducted!

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