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November 02, 2010



I don't know much about Bret Michaels, but he's been through a lot and had an interesting life so far. I hope he can prove to be a family man and still remain popular among his fans as one.

Daniel Brady

WOW! He really reinvented himself
This blog reminds me of a book I read "Jake Reinvented"


Who would have predicted this path for Bret Michaels? Such an interesting case study.


I've never known or cared to know much about Michaels, but he has an interesting life. It seems at this point, so many people have seen what he has gone through that it would be hard to imagine that he couldn't make it big with his new Daddy image.

Jacqueline Lambiase

Bret Michaels is what the best musicians/marketers have always been--willing to exploit the personal pain behind the music.

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