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September 14, 2009


Lisa Ramos

I am so happy that literature is beginning to emerge from the experience of Salvadorans born and raised in Los Angeles. As someone who is not only Salvadoran-American, but who is a recent arrival in France, I know that the challenges of living and communicating in a new nation are acute.The message in this book is specific as well as universal. The impact that this book will have presently and in the long-term future cannot be underestimated. An inspiration indeed!!


I'll share your article with Ramona mi hija. Ella tiene diez y seis anos. Ella le gusta escribir y leer. She loves poetry....
We pick up your book when it comes out. Congratulations!!
Your friend,
Adele Andrade-Stadler

Carla Guerrero

I really take your words at heart about being a writer or trying to write. I think for many of us, especially people of color, poor working folk, it's hard to believe that you can one day write and be published. Writing, like a college education, is something that seems almost impossible or ephemeral to many who come from struggling households whose daily struggle is to survive day-to-day.
I look forward to reading your book,
Carla M. Guerrero

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