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September 29, 2009



Plight of women in MA politics has yet to hit the front page for the extent of intimidation that accompanies the experience.

The threats revealed over the House vote recently by the woman who did acknowledge being threatened may have been one of the rare times that the public has heard of the problem. Yet, it may well appear as a tradition in MA politics given its history of strong male legislators and proprietary turf.

Even Caroline Kennedy had trouble trying to run for office in NY, and had to bow out.

Facing that MA is not the civil political environment it should be would be a first step in approaching any semblance of gender equity in representation - but it's about time. It sometimes appears to evoke the war between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, perhaps because government has been dominated by so many Irish. But there are an equal number of Irish women as there are Irish men in MA, likely. Where are they? It may not be about ethnicity, but it sure is about turf wars.

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